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Hall High School

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LRC Guidelines



  1. All school rules apply.  Students are to use appropriate language at all times
  2. No food, beverage, or gum is allowed in the library.
  3. No cell phones usage.  Please ask if using your phone for academic work, research, etc.
  4. No headphones or ear buds.  If you are working on an assignment that requires you to watch a video or listen to a production, headphones or ear buds will be allowed after your pass is approved for that purpose.
  5. Sit in a seat.  You are not allowed to sit on the floor or ledge (window sill).
  6. The library is a quiet working area.  Persons using the library area asked to work quietly. 
  7. Students should get a pass from their teacher or from the library manager to come to the library.  All students should present their pass to the desk. All passes regardless of its destination (Library/Chromebook Lab) should be brought to the main desk in the library.
  8. The library is not open during the lunch periods.
  9. All books must be checked out at the desk.
  10. Books are checked out for two weeks and may be renewed by emailing the library manager or coming to the library.
  11. Students are responsible for the property of the school.  Any non-returned book will cause the student to have an outstanding fee for the replacement cost of the book. 
  12. Reference materials may not be checked out.  If you need the reference document overnight, see the library manager.  Any materials taken overnight, must be returned by first period of the next day.
  13. Students must follow all teacher instructions when being brought by class to use the library. 
  14. Please do not move the furniture around in the library.  If you are in a study group, please ask first.
  15. A student coming to the library must remain for the entire period, unless they are called out by administration or a teacher.  If returning to home room after coming to the library, you will be given a pass back to class.
  16. A student may lose their privileges if they have excessive overdue books, disrespect for person or property, violation of computer/technology policy.
  17. Please bring WITH YOU ALL NECESSARY MATERIALS needed for study.
  18. A student may use a laptop computer or Chromebook in the library.  Chromebooks are available for use in the library and to use for class.  Chromebooks in the lab cannot be removed.  Use of digital media equipment must be for educational or research purposes.  Students are expected to use resources appropriately and in accordance with Student Handbook Rules and the Acceptable and Responsible Use of Technology Policy.
  19. Please refrain from talking to others while entering the library so as not to disturb others.
  20. Students not using the library/Chromebook Lab for its intended purpose will be sent back to homeroom.
  21. Please be sure to clean up your work area at the end of the period.  This includes pushing in your chair, logging off your device, closing device tops, getting your paper from printer, etc.
  22. The ACCEPTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE USE OF TECHNOLOGY POLICY applies to all students using devices in the library.